Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht

Performance night Ars Electronica Garden Utrecht 2020
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Thursday 10th of September

*Opening night with live performances. 20.00 pm - 00.00 pm

The opening night will feature several live performances all related to the theme “new connections”. This for example by revisiting and passing on music traditions through electronic means, new tactile electronic instruments and an AV show performed by live coding artists.

Taro / Adrien L' Honoré Naber (NL) 20:30 pm - 21:00 pm
Dianne Verdonk (NL) 21:15 pm - 21:35 pm
Rafaele Andrade (BR) & Timo Hoogland (NL) 21:50 pm - 22:05 pm
Interbellum / Nathan Marcus & Loden Rietveld (NL) 22:20 pm - 23:00 pm
Lars Bijleveld & Wes Broersen (NL) 23:15 pm - 00:00 pm