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Journey of Taro
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Journey of Taro is started by Samuel "Taro" Adrien L'Honoré Naber. His fascination with different cultures got taught at young age trough his family.
His family travelled to Indonesia since three generation and this love for the country and culture got embedded in his musical research. In 2008 till 2009 he spent 1 full year making field recordings in different parts of Indonesia. With these recordings he crafted his first Indonesian themed music, with this music he got accepted to the Bachelors "Composition Electronic Music" at HKU. The love for music technology, travelling and culture got so strong that he focussed on making this the priority in his projects.

In 2012 he met with Iwam Gunawan who is the conductor of Kyai Fatahilla from Bandung Indonesia. Together with his ensemble we recorded the complete gamelan ensemble of Ensemble Gending from Utrecht in an anechoic room at HKU Music Technology Hilversum. In 2013 he collaborated with Alex Dijk a former HKU classmate, Iwan and LeineRoebana from Amsterdam to realise a digital instrument based on Javanese gamelan. This instrument is called the "DigiGam".

His music accentuates travelling to other places combined with surrealistic other worldly electronics. Seeking balance in the "modern" technology / electronic with "tradition" analog / acoustic elements. A mix of electronic music with Javanese gamelan, Field recordings from Indonesia and Sound design guide you through unexplored sounds and atmospheres.